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Digiline Radiators

Digiline Radiators are 100% efficient with accurate built in room thermostats to +/- 0.1 degrees. Digiline are proud to manufacture in Britain, ensuring the highest quality always. Available in Highline 500mm high or slimline 300mm high to suit all potential applications.

Digiline electric radiators are an exact replica of a U.K. central heating radiator. 10 Year Guarantee. (2 years on electrics and electronics). No Pipes, No Plumbing, No Maintenance!

The environmentally friendly and recyclable fluid heats rapidly and naturally circulates to heat the whole surface area of the radiator. The fluid will never freeze and protects the radiator from internal corrosion.
There is no pump or moving parts inside. Each radiator can be used independently with the integral digital electronic thermostat or can be converted to receive radio frequency central programming by simply plugging in the receiver module

The Digiline heating system is then controlled from a PC with specialist software provided and connected to a USB hub RF transmitter. Once programmed, the USB transmitter can be disconnected from the PC and will continue to send the programming signals to the heating system. Up to 2000 radiators can be controlled in this way, each having it’s own individual time and thermostat setting profile. This system is proving to be particularly popular with hotels, enabling full control over the heating of individual rooms from the front desk PC. To further help with energy cost control, the software includes ‘smart metering’ which can keep track of the energy use and operating cost of each individual radiator in the system and the system as a whole.

Energy Saving Open Window Feature - When the radiator senses a fast and large drop in temperature it will automatically shut itself down for a few minutes before resuming to previous settings. This feature can be disabled if your prefer.

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